This blog attempts to capture the life and times of the people of Palai പാലാ and Meenachil മീനച്ചില്‍.

24 November 2005

The Pala-Meenachil Blog

Hello everyone.

It is right time that Meenachil and the Palai country gets its rightful place in the blogosphere. I am just making a small attempt to start it. I would be the most happy person if this initiative catches on and there are more blogs which cover the culture and life of this beautiful place in God's own country.

Why blog on Pala and Meenachil?

Just as any other local culture, Palai and its nearby areas have a rich tradition and culture. As people migrate to other places and integrate into the national and international mainstream, I believe there is some space reserved for nostalgic memories in their hearts.

Based on my experience in the WWW, I am still doubtful whether I am ahead of times. I had created Wikipedia entries for Palai and Meenachil and the way these entries have been maltreated definitely makes me wonder if this blog will also meet with similar fate.

In the long run, I intend to enter this blog in the Kerala Blog Roll. Being able to travel to Palai every weekend is one of the blessings I count on in my life. I want to share my insights to other people of Meenachil origin and in that process be enriched by their contributions.

Whether right or not, much of the available literature on the Palai culture is through commercial cinema and pulp fiction. In my many decades of existence in this place, I am yet to meet these larger than life, stereotyped characters. However I have heard of many such folklore. I want to check back with others on what people of Palai stand for. We are yet to see a novelist of the class of an MT Vasudevan Nair. I am not forgetting Zacharia, however. But I am not sure whether that is all to it.

We hear a lot about development these days. I would like to see other natives put forth a development agenda for Pala and its people. What is sustainable development in the context of Palai? What should be the orientation of people? What are the habits we must disown? What is to be learnt from the collective experience of past generations?

I look forward to hearing your views.


enta-pala said...

hello friend

Write more about pala, waiting for more to see from u

oru palajkaran

enta-pala said...

me to palakaran, working in Hyderabad now, Please keep writing
Thanks and Regards
Manoj Mathew

പാലായിലൊക്കെ എന്നാ ഒണ്ടു വിശേഷം???

വെറുമൊരു സാക്ഷി മാത്രം. പല പോസ്റ്റുകളിലും ക്രിയാത്മകഘടകം കാണണമെന്നില്ല!