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7 November 2006

Karimkunnam Grows Beyond the Borders...

Today's Deepika has an interesting report on Idukki District's Karimkunnam village, just on the border of Meenachil Taluk.

According to data collected in 2004, there are about 364 families from Karimkunnam settled in the USA, 101 families in the UK, 273 families in the Middle East and around 45 families in Italy in addition to those settled in other European countries. Every year the rate of people going overseas is increasing by 10%.

Many of them seem to be working as nurses and 80% of those passing out of the local higher secondary schools are opting for nursing courses.

Karimkunnam leads other panchayats in Idukki in earning foreign exhange. The report claims that there are more than 20 persons with a fixed deposit of more than Rs 1 crore in the local bank. There are also many houses built with a cost ranging from Rs 25 lakhs to Rs 1 crore.

The foreign remittances have been fuelling a real estate boom in the area.

When Oommen Chandy was hospitalised in Davos, it was a family from Karimkunnam which treated him, the report adds.

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