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9 November 2006

Pala Narayanan Nair rues Malayalee's Identity Crisis

Poet and Gandhian, Pala Narayan Nair, who envisioned a unified Kerala in his 1948 poem Keralam Valarunnu is distressed by the increase in suicide rates in Kerala. He is also concerned by the rise of sectarianism and extremism in the state. Lack of direction among the youth and wasteful expenditure by households are the reasons cited by the poet for the social evils. Diversion of agricultural land for other purposes will lead to the destruction of the Malayalee identity, says the poet. His spirituality is "above the limits set by religions", reports Deepika.

Pala, 97, is leading a retired life at Puthenveettu Madom, TV Puram near Vaikom from 1978. He has won many literary honours in Malayalam.

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