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10 November 2006

Nalambalam at Ramapuram

A Nalamabalam is a group of temples whose deities are Rama, Lakshmana, Bharatha and Shatrughna. One such Nalambalam situated at Ramapuram, Koodappulam, Amanakara and Methiri of the Ramapuram Panchayat is fast becoming a favourite halt of Sabarimala Pilgrims, reports Deepika. These four templeas are situated within a perimeter of less than 3 km, which is a peculiarity.

Visiting all the four temples the same day before Uchapooja chanting Namams is considered to absolve the sins. During the month of Karkidaka and on the first day of every Malayalam month, the number of pilgrims increases. There are also provisions for the comfort of Sabarimala pilgrims in these temples.

The Koothattukulam-Ramapuram-Pala route is the shortest route for pilgrims travelling to Sabarimala from Kerala's northern districts and other southern states.

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